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Best and affordable hair gain therapy and hair transplant center in Jaipur. .

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Affordable Hair Loss Solutions

We are dedicated hair loss and scalp care center located in Jaipur, India. Our skilled team specializes in hair loss treatment, hair regrowth therapy, medical hair gain, scalp mesotherapy, PRP, treatment for grey hair and scarless hair transplant. Our objective is to give you maximum benefit in minimal cost. At our center you will find all the treatments for hair loss such as medical management, PRP, mesotherapy, hair transplant, etc. Our doctors specializes in scarless hair transplant techniques and hair gain therapies. We strive for excellence and promise to satisfy all your needs.Dedicated and committed team at Follicle hair transplantation center is always ready to take care of you before, during and after the hair transplantation.Our long term follow up ensures that you get best of the results.

Medical Hair Gain

Mild hair loss can be corrected with medical therapies. Yes, its true! If you are in early stages of hair loss then you can get your hair back with constant care and our interventions. Our consultant will assess your severity of hair loss and then recommends tailor made medical therapy for you.

Scalp Mesotherapy

Latest technique where several nutrients, medicines, PRP are slowly injected in your scalp. This boost your hair growth and prevents further hair loss. It is treatment of choice for mild to moderate hair loss and female pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant

Patients with aggressive hair loss or wish to restore their hairline are ideal for hair transplant. Scarless follicular unit extraction technique (FUE) can get your hair back in no time. The procedure is safe and highly effective with minimal or no pain.

Best Hair Transplant in Jaipur

In recent years we have emerged as one of the preferred and most affordable hair transplant centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Free Consultation

At Follicle you are the boss. Our consultant will explain your problem and treatment in detail.


The patient is allowed ample time for second opinion or to decide. We are always there to clarify your concerns.


Once you are satisfied, you can get your treatment done with our experts in hair care.

Follow Up

We follow up our cases so that we can review the results and give our best opinion.

Affordable Hair Care

Fact:Cost is the major factor with every patient looking for hair transplant.

Yes indeed every patient has this concern and so do we. Rest assure that at our center you will get the cheapest treatment and free consultation for your hair loss. Our expert will tell you in depth about the technique, pros and cons and charges. We have EMI facilities available for patients looking for hair loss therapy or hair transplant.


We Are Here For You

Follicle is dedicated for all your hair needs. We offer quality and most affordable hair loss therapies specially designed for you. Our skilled team of hair transplant specialists and strict infection control ensure best of the result in minimum time.

Loss & Grey Hair

Hair loss is the major problem worldwide.

Male pattern baldness affects almost half of male population. Early intervention and prompt treatment can control hair loss.In India there are other factors apart from genetics which contribute for rapid hair fall. Hence, all our treatment is specifically designed as per ethnicity and profile of the patient.

  • Causes of hair loss
  • Patient Factors
  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Female Hair Loss
  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Hair Thinning
  • Split Ends
  • Premature Greying
  • Severe Hair Fall

to Control

The foremost question is how we can control it.

Stress, nutrition, diseases, habits, drugs, pollution causes hair loss. We advise you to reduce stress, take proper diet, control disorders (diabetes, BP, thyroid), avoid smoking, alcohol and regular care to prevent hair loss. Nutritional supplement and local therapy can help in preventing further hair loss and premature greying of hair.

  • Stress Reduction
  • Nutrition Management
  • Scalp Assessment
  • Hair Examination
  • Customised Treatment
  • Follow Up
  • Hair Care
  • Root Preservation

Hair Gain

Mild to moderate hair loss can be corrected with medicines and care.

Patients who are at early stages of hair loss can be treated by latest techniques such as mesotherapy, PRP, laser, hair gain therapy, etc. The techniques are relatively cheaper and effective. However, medical therapy require patience and efforts. At our center we evaluate our patients and inform them all the possible treatments.

  • Medicines for Hair Loss
  • Mesotherapy
  • PRP for Hair Fall
  • Biotin Therapy
  • CIT
  • Essential hair Gain Therapy
  • Hair Rebonding
  • Hair Weaving
  • Root Strengthening


Best and Affordable Hair Transplant

FUE or follicular unit extraction is a technique where your natural hair from hair rich areas are harvested and implanted in bald areas. The technique is safe, effective and long lasting. The major advantage being minimal scar and discomfort to the patient. Follicle is the exclusive FUE hair transplant centre in Jaipur providing affordable hair restoration services.

  • Scarless FUE
  • Strip FUT
  • Baldness Control
  • Cost Effective Approach
  • Precise Technique
  • Affordable
  • Maximum Hair Grafts
  • Excellent Results
FREE Consultation & Scalp Assessment
Scarless FUE Hair Transplant
Cheapest Hair Transplant in Jaipur
EMI Options Available
Best Hair Gain Results

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